What we do

Solvex is an Industrial Engineering company with the mission to make companies more simple, profitable and sustainable. With our services we enable more efficient operational and information processes for our customers which results in reduced costs and carbon footprint.

Implementation of new solutions tends to be the most challenging part of improvement projects. Thus, we put the maximum effort in implementation phase in order ensure that the expected results are achieved.

If you are searching for a reliable partner who will execute your improvement projects in a structured and controlled manner from start to finish, the Solvex is an excellent choice.

Solvex - what we do


Our services

Production Engineering

Process optimizing

We are mapping, optimizing and standardizing processes. Standardized processes gives better results both in reduced working time and improved quality.

Layout & flow

We help to create a customized production layout for efficient assembly and logistics flows. A streamlined layout and balanced flow reduces waste like waiting time and excess motion.

Production planning

We help to develop a method for production planning that helps to fully utilize the production capacity. We also offer production planning services.


Design ideas on components that enables easier assembly. A well-designed component will decrease the assembly time.

Quality Management

We develop methods for quality tracking help ensure that the processes results in required quality.

Data analyze

With data analysis we can identify bottle necks and perform simulations to get optimal production scenarios. We also identify and implement supporting performance indicators.

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Sustainability & Waste

Efficient use of materials will save costs for both materials and waste for companies and also the carbon footprint will be reduced. We identify waste in the process by mapping the material flow and identifying potential improvements. We also help the customer to implement the improvements. An optimized material planning leads to a more efficient use of material which enables optimal inventory levels.

We can also offer ISO 14001 certifying as a add-on to the material optimizing.

Digital process

Digitalization opens potential in every business to boost the processes and reform ways of working. Meanwhile the risk is evident for utilizing new technology without assurance that the investments result in more cost-effective processes.

In order to accomplish successful digitalizations, Solvex has developed a service, in which the focus lies in the process that is to be digitalized, not the digital solution in itself. We call it “Digital process development”

We map the value- and information streams in your processes while we trace the sources for waste. Based on the mapping, we design optimized processes and form a proposal for the functions that should be digitalized and by which technical solutions.

With our digital process development, you will be able to get a clear perception of how the processes of your business could be further improved with digital solutions – in a way where you get systems that are serving you, not the other way around.

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Jonas Grankulla

CEO & Co-founder
+358 50 465 6558

Frank Enqvist

Project Manager & Co-founder
+358 40 373 4796

Leo Byskata

Industrial Engineer
+358 50 495 8777

Martin Nybacka

Industrial Engineer
+358 50 553 0070